I’m reminded of the power of feedback.  Some people are good at providing useful, helpful and encouraging feedback while still being able to be constructive, insightful and offer ways to improve.  Some people could use some work.  Some a lot.  I know I certainly could do a better job.   Communication.  It’s a skill.  Although some seem so naturally gifted.  I’m inspired by those who do it well and it makes me want to learn to always do better.  And when I’m on the receiving end of just the negative or nothing positive, just comments on what’s a problem, like today, it’s discouraging.   This too inspires me and makes me want to do better by others…..


8.2.17 - After a Busy Day... (© David M Sax 2017 - all rights reserved)

8.2.17 – After a Busy Day… (© David M Sax 2017 – all rights reserved)


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