Animals & Their Human Companions

To start off 2012 in a positive way, I am beginning a new project called “Animals and Their Human Companions”.  This evolved out of some personal work I have been doing along with the help/guidance of a few friends.  I’ve been wanting to integrate my love, joy and interest in all creatures, great and small, into my work for quite some time and I feel this project is the catalyst.

My love for animals dates back to early childhood.  I have always treasured my relationships with my own animal companions, two German Shepherd dogs, Vicki & Jake – one as a child, one as an adult respectively.  Each played an important role in my life and I have always been fascinated with the relationship people establish with their dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc., and the role that each plays in the others’ life.  I know many others share this sentiment as well.

The project takes a photojournalistic approach, so in addition to photography, I’m after the story – whatever people are willing to share about themselves, their companions, etc.  I use an interview format and will guide the session with a variety of questions.  But the interview is really an exchange of ideas, emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  The stories and images will be compiled to create a book and perhaps an exhibition of the images as well.

In a serendipitous fashion, to kick things off, I met Bill and Quinn on New Year’s Eve while I was walking on the cold, damp streets in Hudson, NY.  Both kindly obliged me with a few minutes of their time.  Real moments….  To me, this is what it is all about……

I’m looking for willing volunteers so please let me know if you or anyone else would be interested in taking part in this special project.  As a thank you, I’ll gladly provide a free digital file(s) for your use.  Location need not be a limiting factor – I just returned from a cross-country road trip where I’ve met some wonderful animals…..and humans too…. 🙂

Donations to support the project are not required for participation, however they are welcome & greatly appreciated.



12.31.11 - Evening Stroll... (David M Sax Photography - all rights reserved)

12.31.11 – Evening Stroll…

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