Something a little different today….  As I saw these wood statues, chainsaw art, I am reminded that the Catskills has a rich history.  From about 1600 or so the Hudson Valley/Catskill and surrounding regions were home to about 10,000 Native Americans. Predominant tribes included Mahikan, Mohawk and the Munssee. Obviously this is no longer the case.  I haven’t found any current data.  Although I know of the Seneca Indian Reservation located in Salamanca, NY about 300 miles West of here, but not sure of any closer populations.

Bald Eagles were numerous in the lower 48 states and many in the NY region.  However the decline was substantial for a variety of reasons.  Here in the Catskills, there had been only 1 recorded breeding pair over a 100 year stretch.  Recently I believe there about 6 or so breeding pairs…although I saw a report that there may be about 42 eagles that may pass through the area.  You may recall, I have seen one of them along the “Schoharie Eagle” a few times.

Black bears have also roamed the Catskills and are still fairly numerous.  I’ve seen a report that indicates there are 1500 – 2000 black bears.  I’ve been fortunate to see them a few times.  No photos though.

1.26.11 - Snow-capped Catskill Icons

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